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The Science Editing Process

Your scientific writing is as unique as you are. The medical and science editing services that you require—and the time it takes to complete them—will not be the same as those required by someone else. Why, then, should you pay the same per-page rate as everyone else?

That is why I will gladly provide an estimate for Advanced or Standard Science Editing, based on my hourly rate, on request. If you require fewer services than another author does, or if your project is less complex and takes less time, your total costs will be lower.

Proofreading services are based on a fixed per-word rate.

The turnaround time varies for each project, but I can usually edit and return a science or medical manuscript of up to 9000 words (36 pages) within 5 to 10 business days, depending on scheduling requirements.

The following flowchart outlines the steps for submitting a manuscript for science or medical editing services.

Step 1: Submit a Manuscript

  1. Contact me online, by e-mail, or by phone to ask questions or discuss services.

  2. Select the Science Editing Services you require:

    • Advanced
    • Standard
    • Journal formatting
    • Proofreading

  3. Submit your MS Word manuscript by e-mail attachment, including all tables and figure legends. References will be edited unless you state otherwise. Include the following details in your e-mail message:

    • contact information: name, organization, e-mail address, phone number
    • science editing services required
    • desired completion date (standard or rush?)
    • intended audience (eg, specific journal, consumers)
    • style and spelling preferences
    • other pertinent information (eg, a request not to edit References)

Step 2: Receive Cost Estimate or Confirmation of Work Received

  1. I will respond quickly and ask for additional details if required.

  2. For editing services, I will evaluate your manuscript and send you an estimate for the total cost, as well as the expected turnaround time and other terms.

  3. For proofreading services, I will send you a message confirming receipt of your file, the fixed cost, the expected turnaround time, and other terms.

  4. If you accept the estimate or fixed cost, and if you agree with the terms, I will begin work on your manuscript.

Step 3: Receive Edited Document

  1. I will edit your manuscript in MS Word with Track Changes turned on so that you may view all corrections. For proofreading, I will annotate your PDF document with standard proofreading marks.

  2. Queries and comments will be inserted by using the Comment feature or by placing them within brackets in the text. At no extra cost, I will explain the corrections directly in text, in a separate file, or both.

  3. I will return your edited document, along with the invoice, by e-mail on or before the deadline.

Step 4: Review Corrections

  1. As you review the edited manuscript, you may accept or reject the corrections shown in Track Changes. Ask me questions about the queries, comments, and suggested changes at any time.

  2. If you wish, you may resubmit your manuscript for a "clean-up edit": a free review of your minor changes and additions. Should your changes or additions be extensive, a small fee will be applied (I will alert you in advance).

  3. I will return this file to you as quickly as possible.

Step 5: Make Payment

  1. Payment is required within 1 week of receiving the invoice.

  2. Payment may be transferred by PayPal, Western Union, or direct deposit. Other options may be possible on request.

Optional Final Step: Provide Feedback

  1. If you wish, you can contact me by phone or e-mail to provide feedback and help me to improve my services. I value all of your comments.

  2. And remember—you are welcome to continue asking questions about your manuscript, even after you have paid for science editing services.

To request an estimate, inquire about pricing, or submit a manuscript for science or medical editing, please contact me online.

My Guarantee

All of my services are completely guaranteed. When I return your edited manuscript, I will ask you whether you are satisfied with the quality of work. If you are unhappy with the English-language editing, you may contact me within 3 weeks to request a re-edit or a refund.

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