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Pricing and Payment Options

Online payment

Pricing depends on the services and turnaround time.

Editing is charged by the hour. For a return in 4 or more business days, the standard rate applies. For a return within 3 business days or one that requires evening or weekend work, the rush rate applies.

You may choose from several payment options.

Standard Rate

Standard Hourly Rate for Editing: $75 (Canadian dollars)

The standard rate for editing services is $75 per hour (CAD). Work can usually be returned within 4 to 10 days, depending on scheduling and the length of your document.

I will send you an estimate for the maximum cost before work begins. If I work more quickly than estimated, I will reduce your fee accordingly. In general, I work at the following pace:

Advanced Science Editing: 2 to 4 pages per hour (including journal formatting) Standard Science Editing: 5 to 8 pages per hour

Editing speed may be faster or slower than these ranges—see "Why Does Editing Speed Vary?" (right-hand column). Note: 1 page = 250 words.

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Rush Rate

The rush rate applies if you require work to be completed within 3 business days, or when evening or weekend work is necessary to meet your deadline.

The rush rate for Advanced or Standard Science Editing is $115 per hour (Canadian dollars).

Payment Options

Payment is required within 1 week of receiving the invoice.

To learn about payment options, including PayPal, Western Union, and bank-to-bank wire transfer, please visit the Payment page.

To request an estimate, inquire about pricing, or submit a manuscript for science or medical editing, please contact me online.

Why Does Editing
Speed Vary?

No two documents are the same. Factors such as length, complexity, and the number of corrections that are required all contribute to editing speed. Extra time may be needed for papers written by an author whose first language is not English.

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